Thursday's WOD - 6/23/2016


2x20m - Walking Lunge

3x 5-10 - Strict pull ups w/ chin up grip / mixed grip / standard grip and proper position

3x10 - Scaled Strict Pull up


Back Squat (High Rep Week)

**Working weight is 95% of 1RM / Recent On-Ramp grads should be working off a challenging yet fairly conservative, 3 rep weight where form is consistent.**

2x 8-12@70%ww

1x 8+Amrap@70%ww


12 min AMRAP:

5 STRICT Pull ups / Kipping / Scaled Strict Pull up

10 Hand Release Push ups

2x 10m Walking Lunge (1x Down & 1x Back)

#walkinglunge #strictpullup #handreleasepushups #backsquat

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