Thursday's WOD - 6/30/2016


Bear Complex Review w/ PVC/BAR

Bear Complex Highlights:

  • One (1) round of bear complex = 7 Sets.

  • 1 Set of bear complex = 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 shoulder to overhead, 1 back squat, 1 snatch grip push press (from behind the neck), repeat x7 for full complex.

  • Athletes may not let go of the bar until the completion of the full complex.


Front Squat

**Working weight is 95% of 2RM (04/20) / Recent On-Ramp grads should be working off a challenging yet fairly conservative, 3 rep weight where form is consistent.**



Bear Complex - 20 min CAP:

Bear Complex 1-1-1

**3 attempts to work up to heavy Bear Complex**

1x Power Clean

1x Front Squat

1x Shoulder to Overhead

1x Back Squat

1x Shoulder to Overhead

SCALED: Bear Complex

3x Bear Complex @ light to moderate weight

1x Hang Power Clean

1x Front Squat

1x Press / Push Press

1x Back Squat

1x Press / Push Press

#BearComplex #Powerclean #frontsquat #shouldertooverhead #backsquat


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