Friday’s WOD -1/25/2019

Skill: Tabata Hollow Body Holds - 8 Cycles x 20 sec WORK / 10 sec REST Burgener Warm up for Snatch + Complex Review Strength: EMOM x9: 1x Power Snatch + 2x High Hang Power Snatch **Athletes will gradually work up to a moderately challenging weight from the floor. Recent foundations grads or athletes still working to develop this movement may complete all 3 reps from the hang position working at a light to moderate weight. WOD: “12.2” 10 min AMRAP: 30 Power Snatch @20-30% / 10-15 UB Reps (75/45) 30 Power Snatch @40-50% (135/75) 30 Power Snatch @60-70% (165/100) AMRAP @80-90% (210/120) NOTES: Score completed reps. Most athletes will only need the first 2 or 3 barloads as very few will make it through the 165/100 set. Athletes must change out their own weight for this workout. Recent foundations grads or athletes still developing this movement may work from the hang position throughout gradually adding weight as they progress through each set of 30 reps.  

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